Legal Translation and Interpretation.

Document and website Translation services

Our quality translation services are simple to request. Whether you need legal documents, forms, websites, or even hand-written letters translated, our translators are ready to deliver accurate and on time translations

    We provide:
  • Document and website translation
  • Proof reading, editing

Interpreting services

Make A&A your one-stop-shop for a professional language interpreting service. From 911 calls to patient visits, from client-counselor consultations to court proceedings, from trainings to conferences, and more, A&A is geared to fulfill your interpreting needs.

    We provide:
  • On-site, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
  • Telephone interpretation

Audio and Video Transcription Services

Our language transcription services cover various formats. We mainly focus on foreign language transcription services including: 911 calls, recorded conversations, depositions, court proceedings, trials, interviews, teleconferences, meetings, evidence collection, investigations, briefings, lectures, seminars, etc. We understand the sensitivity of the materials we are entrusted to work with; we thus take due diligence to avoid additions, omissions or embellishments.

If you think you have a unique requirement, please do contact us and in most probability we will be able to provide you with a streamlined service.

Consulting services

A specialized language solution is our expertise. We consult project managers, organizations, government agencies and corporations in addressing and planning their language service needs. We can support you as a consultant in your cost estimation, service planning, regulations adherence, information dissemination, managing and evaluation of your foreign language needs and current solutions for your projects. Contact Adera and Associates for detailed information.

Other services

  • Localization
  • Desktop publishing
  • Film subtitling
  • Passage development, rendering and reviewing for language training and testing purposes
  • Language and intercultural mediation

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